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Penguins around the world

In the running lexicon, the word "Penguin" has come to mean a person who runs more for the joy of running than for recognition and public rewards. Some of us are perpetual Penguins. We are consumed by the pleasure of movement. Other Penguins find their joy in the challenge of reaching their own potential, whatever that is. For some it has meant running the "Boston Marathon", the only U.S. marathon that has qualifying standards. For others, it has meant finding an independence and freedom in their daily runs that expands their limits. Can there be such a thing, then, as a Penguin athlete? Or an athletic Penguin? Can people who are fighting to lose thirty or forty pounds be athletes? Of course they can! Can people who have waited until their forties to become physically active be athletes? You bet. Can people who finish last in a race be athletes? Yes, they can. And yes, they are. - The official site of John "the Penguin" Bingham

Penguin Runners (formerly The Penguin Brigade)

Penguin Athletes

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Toronto Penguins Running Club - CANADA

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