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The Courage to Start

  The Courage to Start
Author: John Bingham
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Fireside (1999)
Language: English
ISBN: 0684854554

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The Classic Penguin Book
In his first book, John describes his sometimes painful,
sometimes hilarious transition from sedentary confinement
to becoming an adult-onset athlete.

Has the idea of running crossed your mind, but you haven't acted on it because you don't think you have the body of a runner? Have you thought about running but quit before you started because you knew that you would be breathless at the end of your driveway? Well, put aside those fears because you can do it. John Bingham, author of the popular "Runner's World" column "The Penguin Chronicles," transformed himself from an overweight couch potato who smoked into a runner who has completed eleven marathons and hundreds of road races. Forget about the image of a perfect body in skintight clothes, and don't worry about how fast or how far you go. John shows how anyone can embrace running as a life-enhancing activity - rather than as a competition you will never win. In an entertaining blend of his own success story and practical advice, John provides reasonable guidelines for establishing a program of achievable goals; offers tips on clothing, running shoes, and other equipment; and explains how anyone can prepare for and run distances ranging from a few miles to marathons. After all, in running and in life, the difference between success and failure sometimes comes down to a single step. Waddle on, friends. More reviews...

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